Leon lai shu qi dating the smart dating system

Apart from his fans' backlash, Shu Qi also had to endure rumours of Leon's scandals with other actresses.

Maybe a break up was better for the both of us." Although the star still believes in love, marrige is still far from her mind.The design was inspired by the world's first-ever diamond wedding ring given, as documented, by a bridegroom at a 16th-century wedding in Venice.Shu Qi, 40, would not confirm if it was a three-carat ring, saying, "What is important is the meaning of the ring.Not long after, Leon started going out with model Gaile Lok.When asked if she hated Leon for robbing her of her prime, she said: "Why must there be hate?Life should not be lived for another person, but for herself, says Shu Qi.


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