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As an example, at a Senate hearing in September 2008, a demonstrator held up a sign reading “FAIL” behind Henry Paulson., the former Treasury secretary, and Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve.

The site has been profiled in most world publications: The Times named FAIL blog their #3 comedy website, The Los Angeles Times called FAIL Blog, a "fan favorite," Time magazine noted that FAIL Blog has "helped popularize fail as both a noun and an exclamation, not to mention an easier-to-spell synonym for schadenfreude," and The New York Times called it a “runaway hit.” The site is also commonly referenced in popular culture; The Huffington Post called Netflix a “walking failblog” in reference to their July 2011 pricing change and The Atlantic called a Chris Coghlan baseball blunder "a debacle worthy of FAIL Blog." In July 2009, FAIL Blog posted a screenshot of the Guinness record webpage for "Most Individuals Killed in a Terrorist Attack" which was accompanied with a "Break this record" link.

Obviously older generations will know Nancy Cartwright voiced the iconic Bart Simpson, but clearly there's an unfortunate carryover of that knowledge with the kids nowadays.

Can't beat that expression of sheer and unadulterated shock.

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These women laid it all out there and weren't at all shy on their Tinder profiles.We've selected some of the funniest for your delectation.I think it's fair to say the last thing this kid expected was to come face to face with a very legit Bart Simpson IRL!Kudos to these ladies for cutting the bullsh*t and getting straight to the point.Brought to you by us here at Well, it turns out that people don't care if you're a convicted child rapist on Tinder, as long as you're really attractive.Guinness threatened legal action, and the story was picked up by Tech Crunch and CNET.


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