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“Men used to get so crazy in the darkness they would play Russian roulette with loaded rifles,” says the barmaid, Anne, as she pours me another pint of strong, auburn pale ale – a heady tipple from Spitsbergen island’s own brewery. Just an unrelenting night that would go on for more than 100 days.” Little wonder, then, that the only permanently populated island in Svalbard – a far-flung archipelago that sits between Norway and the North Pole – should produce its own beer.

“Before the first commercial flights began coming here in the mid-1970s, the sea ice would freeze the boats in the bay, cutting us off from the rest of the world. By the end of October each year, the sun has cast its last rays upon these Arctic islands, heralding its fifth season – “dark winter”.

When the ex-emperor escaped from his exile in Elba, he rallied the French army, took control of Paris, re-established his reign and set about warring against European powers still arrayed against him.

Napoleon lost at Waterloo in Belgium, was forced to abdicate and then exiled again, farther this time, to St.

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So you’re in a relationship with a Korean or looking to eventually date a Korean, here is a rundown on Korean couple culture.But during periods of snow and rain, the sky falls remorselessly black.How does this ceaseless darkness affect the locals? The lack of sunlight makes it feel like the end of the day much earlier.” I also found the alcohol had a much-needed warming effect.In honor of Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thompson’s 100 Day Project, 100 Days of Dating is my personal project dedicated to love.The following posts are a collection of short interviews from friends, family, co-workers, and other participants focused on what it means to love in an era where love is a beautiful thing to talk about, see, and post, yet sometimes incredibly hard to not only find but keep.If you’re single, you might struggle to find a partner at first in Korea.


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