Chace crawford jessica szohr dating

"Oh boy," Lively reportedly wrote after a fan asked if she and Meester hated each New York this week, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley stayed to party with Chace on the roof of the Standard Hotel while Jessica and her friend Jessica Stam ducked out “presumably avoiding an icy reception from her co-stars,” Page Six reports. But if you haven't been watching every week, that's OK—I Glam-gal Serena van der Woodsen returns to NYC's Upper East Side following a mysterious disappearance—it's revealed Serena exiled herself after she slept with Nate Archibald, her best friend Blair Waldorf's boyfriend.Obviously, Blair then sleeps with Nate's best friend, Chuck Bass, to get back at Nate.

'" Well, apparently, the hostage crisis didn't last.Ed Westwick’s relationship status appears to be the most intriguing fact in his biography.The most discussed relationship Ed had was with Jessica Szohr.Lily clearly still has a thing for Rufus and his ability to make delicious waffles, but she's dating power-hungry Bart Bass, Chuck's dad.(They eventually marry.)Dan's best friend Vanessa Abrams arrives back in New York, making Serena jealous. Secret-Rufus-and-Lily love child Scott.)A famous movie actress enrolls at NYU and ends up being roommates with Vanessa and starts dating Dan. Although it has only been a couple of months, things have been going really well for the couple!


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