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Third, I would be remiss if I didn’t thank you: the great people I have met this year, who work at and support libraries. I’ve heard such great stories about how you are dedicated to making your communities better, it really reaffirmed my love for libraries.

Finally, I want to thank the extraordinary PLA staff.

This handout provides suggestions to help ease the transition, and promote a successful school experience.

Rescuing Students from the Slow Learner Trap Use these classroom strategies to tap into the strengths of slow learners and help them succeed in school.

The research library has placed the 17th century texts on their website in the hopes that viewers can aid in ongoing transcription work.

In this episode we discuss providing the best library service for your LGBTQ community with our guest Joel A. Joel is the author of the winner in this year’s “Public Libraries” magazine feature article contest, for the article “Serving All Families in a Queer and Genderqueer Way.” He is an administrator for data strategy […] This will be my last column as PLA President, and I want to take the time to thank four special groups that have made my tenure so memorable.

First, I want to thank my staff and board at the Cleveland Public Library for their support of my leadership journey.

Second, I must thank my wife and daughters for their patience and love during the past twelve months.

Chicago’s Newberry Library needs your help transcribing and/or translating seventeenth century occult books, including a book of spells.

Psychological services data can be used to advocate for essential student services.

Back-to-School Transitions: Tips for Parents The transition from August to September can be difficult for both children and parents.

Changing expectations from trainees—and from your company.

This powerful seminar puts the latest trends and techniques at your fingertips.


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